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      With the personal medication card, you have ready access to the name and strength of your medications and why they are prescribed.
      Many patients arrive at the emergency room or physician office not knowing the names of their medications. One physician may be treating a heart condition and another physician orders the same medication under another trade name to treat the same condition. Since the two medications have different names, both medications taken together can be life threatening. If both medications were filled at the same pharmacy, the duplication may have been detected.

Many patients visit multiple pharmacies as well as multiple physicians
Medications taken incorrectly can result in a serious (and costly) condition.

Complications have also resulted from patients taking the wrong medication.

  That "little white tablet" that Mrs. Jones was taking for diarrhea was actually her heart tablet. (could be a fatal mistake)

Medical Identification Card

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testpatient  Password testing 
Enroll: 11/24/2004         Exp Date 11/22/06

Test Patient
121 Main Street 
Anytown Tn 38501

Blood Type OPos

Birth Date12/10/1945
Pharmacy Kroger
Emergency Contact Sherri T. Patient spouse 931-555-1212
Allergies Pen, Sulfa
Other Info
Conditions High_Blood_Pressure,
Primary Physician Dr I. B. Good
Secondary Physician




Lisinopril 20mg One Daily Hypertension
ASA 81 mg One daily Anti Platlet
Asacol 400 mg 2 Tab 4 times daily Irritable bowel syndrome
Zyrtec 10mg One daily Allergies
Ambien 10 mg One at bedtime as needed Sleep
Pravachol 40mg One daily Cholesterol
Bextra 20 mg One daily Recalled by mfg 4-7-05